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About SARA K

The mainstream fashion industry does not represent the culturally diverse women of the world, nor does it reflect the vibrant multicultural fashion talents around the globe. Brands/Retailers with large advertising budgets profit and unethical fashion is the norm, in return, smaller fashion businesses don't get the exposure they need to succeed or survive.

Originating from one of the most multicultural and quirky fashion cities in the world, London, SARA K is one of the only fashion publications to feature independent fashion labels from around the world, from India to Dubai. 

My mission to abolish unethical fashion, whilst helping women get their fashion businesses online and providing an alternative to the high street.


Established in 2014 as a blog, with your support we have partnered and reported from London Fashion Week, Pakistan Fashion Week and Saverah Expo. It's been featured on BBC, Hello Magazine and the UK's premium fashion event, Pure London.

I pride the blog on solid morals and principles; being honest, sincere and empowering others for the greater good is important to me, as a result, I've never believed in being gifted or blogging fake reviews in exchange for financial gain.

If you're a talented designer or brand owner and care about people, please get in touch to be featured for free!

THE Fashion Marketing BOUTIQUE

After a decade working for some of the biggest brands in the world as a qualified marketing practitioner and social media specialist l saw firsthand how female business owners don’t receive the support they need to make a living doing what they love, in return, to support their families. As a result in 2016, l left my city job and decided to launch a boutique marketing firm. 

Today, I support women around the world start clothing businesses, train undiscovered labels to reach their target audience and help talented female designers sell themselves, whilst providing fashion lovers with an alternative to mainstream fashion.

I help business owners make their culturally diverse fashion labels accessible to women with one-click. You can call me a business woman’s best friend. And for every program or workshop sold, l fund a female-led startup in a developing country (1-for-1).

About Me

Many know me as a fashion blogger and editor but don't know I'm a fully-qualified marketing practitioner and award-winning social media specialist.

I believe fashion is more than just clothing but it has a conscientious, builds our confidence, empowers people and enables us to establish our identity. It doesn't discriminate, exploit but provides opportunities for a better life for people in developing countries, hence l am on a mission to do just that for women with the magazine.